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Personalized Craftsmanship

At Carbon Carat Co., we accept special requests for every piece of jewelry you have in mind. Contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our talented in-house designers and create a truly unique piece from start to finish.



Jewelry That Is Truly Yours

Adorned with lab-grown diamonds add elegance and glamour to any ensemble. Where you can personalize your desired diamond arrangement, metal type, and bracelet design, resulting in a breathtaking piece that showcases unique taste. 

Marriage Proposal


Every Moment Is Special

Exquisite engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds have gained immense popularity due to their stunning beauty, ethical sourcing, and affordability. Personalize every aspect, from the diamond shape, color, and setting style to the metal choice, resoling in a truly unique symbol of love. Exquisite craftsmanship through personal creation. 

Diamond Teardrop Earring


A Gift to Remember

Seeking timeless elegance? 

From dazzling stud earrings to glamours drop earrings, you can design your own pair, selecting the perfect diamond size, color, cut, and settign style aesthetically defining the style or occasion. 

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